Towards the use of bioresorbable fibers in time-domain diffuse optics

Di Sieno, L., Boetti, N. G., Dalla Mora, A., Pugliese, D., Farina, A., Konugolu Venkata Sekar, S., Ceci-Ginistrelli, E., Janner, D., Pifferi, A. and Milanese, D. (2018), J. Biophotonics, 11: n/a, e201600275. doi:10.1002/jbio.201600275

In this joint paper, in collaboration with the biophotonics group from Politecnico di Milano led by A. Pifferi, we demonstrate the viability of our bioresorbable phosphate fiber for time-domain diffuse optics. In the article, we show the fabrication of bioresorbable optical fibers designed for diffuse optics applications, featuring large core diameter (up to 200 μm) and numerical aperture (0.17) to maximize the collection efficiency of diffused light. Furthermore, we show an ex-vivo validation on a chicken breast by measuring the absorption and scattering spectra in the 500-1100 nm range using interstitially inserted bioresorbable fibers.

This work represents a step toward a new way to look inside the body using optical fibers that can be implanted in patients. These fibers could be useful either for diagnostic (e. g. for monitoring the evolution after surgical interventions) or treatment (e. g. photodynamic therapy) purposes.

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